Features and Benefits

Expresso – the first system designed specifically for security and fire system engineers.  Everything you need to run your business in one easy to use App.  Get up and running quickly and you’ll see the benefits immediately in time savings and increased billable hours.  Increase your profits or take more holidays – the choice is yours!

Set up bundles


With Expresso, you start to build your quote on the customer site using the friendly quoting tool. Gone are the days of sending a quote the next day after labouring over a spreadsheet the night before trying to decipher your notes!  Not only will you impress customers with your speediness, it will also look great with your own branding and logo.

The system remembers details of components, prices and costs and groups them together where you typically sell them in combination.  By suggesting options as you build the quote, it helps you ensure nothing is forgotten and could also help you up-sell as you run through options with the customer.

Route for an Engineer for a Day integrated with Google Maps

Scheduling and Routing

Once a quote is approved and you have added any other required job details, with a single click you can schedule it in Expresso.  The job is then automatically passed to the relevant engineer via his Smartphone or tablet. 

Expresso will suggest engineers for a job, based on skills, availability, and location. Efficient scheduling means reduced travel time and re-visits.  You can change and re-schedule by simply dragging and dropping, which automatically creates alerts directly to the engineer and customer via email or text.

You can choose to use our integration with Google Maps to give an Engineer a suggested travel plan.

Mobile Engineer ready to start

Mobile Job Tracking

To cut down on re-visits, security system engineers get everything they need to get the job done right the first time on their mobile device. With one tap they can tell the system they are on the way, on site, or off-site. They update their van stock with what they used, so that the re-order process is started as soon as possible.  If they’re late, the system automatically updates the customer with an ETA.

Mobile also enables your engineers to capture customer signatures, photos, and other required on-site information. Their time sheets are generated automatically from the system – accurate and efficient.

Office staff and managers see a global view of everything, including job statuses and a map based view of current engineer locations.  So re-assigning jobs and responding to emergency call outs is made so much easier – you maximise time and become more responsive to customers.

Inventory Management

Stock Management

Efficient stock management means that you optimise stock levels improving cash flow and ensuring engineers have the right parts at the right time. Expresso can manage both warehouse and van stock - critical to field service businesses.  Getting it right means we help you avoid re-visits and complete jobs on-time.

How did we do?

Customer Surveys

Do you wonder what customers really think about your service or your engineers? Expresso can automatically e-mail them a satisfaction survey after every job. That way you can build up a picture of your customer experience, and identify training opportunities early.  It’s also another service feature that differentiates you and the competition.

Sample of invoice sent to customer

Billing & Payment

Save time by automating your paperwork and improve your cash flow.  Expresso will manage billing and payments and reconcile them for you to a customer account.

When a security installation or maintenance job is completed (or even when it starts), the system will send the customer a professional invoice on your letterhead. If the job went according to plan, billing information flows through directly from the quote or estimate.  If you need to alter it at this stage, you can do that too.

But what about getting paid? There are various options:

You can generate an invoice prior to a job and take payment upfront – maybe for new customers or emergency call outs.

Or you can invoice when a job is completed and Expresso will politely remind your customers to settle their account within your terms

Taking payment? To make it even simpler for them to pay, we offer the option of PayPal which accepts all major credit cards.

The invoice, job costs and payment information can be exported seamlessly to your accounting system, eliminating double entry and making producing your accounts much simpler for you or your accountant.

Monthly Billing Contract

Maintenance Contracts

If you provide maintenance and service contracts, Expresso manages contract renewal dates and regular preventative maintenance requirements allowing these to be pre-scheduled at required intervals.  It offers options for monthly or annual contract billing, and analysis of contract profitability.  We can build in detailed compliance checks and reporting, especially important for Fire detection systems.  Expresso gives you instant access to customer compliance and other records.