COVID-19 Preparedness Statement

 Apr 17, 2020

*Expresso is a subsidiary of Pulse Business Software

At Pulse Business Software our primary responsibility towards you, our client, is the ability to support your Pulse application at all times. For this reason we have, for some years, ensured that all staff are able to fully work remotely. In fact, it is policy that all staff work remotely at least once a week.

Of course we use Pulse as our primary system, which works anywhere you are. We also supply our staff with:

1. UPS for uninterrupted power

2. High-speed internet (fibre where available)

3. Laptop computers

4. Resources such as Microsoft Teams that enable remote work since communications (including phone calls) are not tied to a physical location.

Our South African office has obviously been affected by recent events such as closing schools. We none-the-less find ourselves in a position whereby we are able to continue without interruption. We will reevaluate should facts change, and work as a close team to ensure that all bases are covered.

Should you have any queries or concerns relating to Pulse Business Software's preparedness for Covid-19 in any of the territories we operate please do not hesitate to contact us.